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I Like Thursdays

In the last five days I have attended two funerals. Both sad occasions and joyful occasions. The first one for a 93 year old dear lady - my sister's mother-in-law. She had lived a full life and was called home. The other a 39 year old young man who still had so much to live for. He also was called home.  At both, music helped us heal. I like this hymn that was part of the liturgy at each Mass. 

At the reception for Polly, we gathered at her favorite restaurant, Lascardi's,  where they served this wonderful balsamic vinegar. I plan to buy some. It was slightly sweet yet acidic, full bodied.

At Tom's reception at his parents house the food was catered.  The caterers did a marvelous spread of lunch items. What was heartwarming was that all 75 + participants in the funeral services came and shared memories of Tom. It was a healing time. It brought me comfort and I know it did so also for his parents.
We are not of this world. Make the best of it and remember God loves us mo…

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